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'We provide a fun, safe environment with a player centred approach built on a philosophy which has been developed from 15 years working at top professional academies. Having seen players go from 7 years old right through to senior international level we know this process works when developing players to be the best they can possibly be’

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We create a comfortable environment where the players are free to express themselves and try something new. We want the kids to be innocent and not play with the fear of failure. Mistakes will happen but the end result is an exciting footballer.

Fun element to all sessions

Fun is a major factor in individual player improvement. Every player starts in the game through enjoyment, if they fall in love with the game they can then dedicate the time necessary to the minor details which will help them become a well rounded player.


Improve every individual

Every player who walks into a Future In Football session has the opportunity to take something away from the coaching. We work on a 7 week cycle covering the major technical elements of the game and improve tactical knowledge. Not every player gets the chance to progress into a professional academy but every player can improve their game and experience success in their individual games program.

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Rob is a fantastic coach who’s extensive knowledge and experience of coaching at Premier League clubs is passed on to his players in a very clear manner.
Rob makes every training session enjoyable and each drill is done with a purpose and delivered in a way that is easy to understand and engaging for players of all levels.
The way he structures his sessions and communicates with the players allows each player within a group to develop and improve, players are challenged based on their individual needs and set personal targets even within these group sessions.
It has been a pleasure to watch my son develop and evolve under Rob’s coaching whilst still maintaining his love of the game. He always looks forward to the next session and we feel fortunate to have him as a coach.


-----  Nicky P, FIF Academy

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